Respected Ms/Mr, 


We invite you to purchase the wall calendar for 2019 – “Winter Sports – EYOF 2019”, and participate in raising funds for scholarships for children and young members of the Association “Education builds B&H”. 


Association “Education builds B&H”, formed during the war in 1994, provides moral and material support to children and youth people who are victims of war, disabled and talented children, children of Roma national minority and those in social needs. So far, over 7.046 children and young people in B&H have received scholarships worth more than EUR 3.242.104,40;  staying on holidays in B&H, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Sweden, Canada and Uruguay. The beneficiaries of the Association received school equipment, sports equipment, clothing and footwear, food worth over EUR 1.901.226,40. At the same time, the Association helped dozens of schools in B&H in school aids, renovated sports halls, etc. 


In order to raise funds for scholarships, the Association for the twenty-one year publishes the annual calendar and its sale provides money for scholarships for 50 children and young people. 

Calendar 2019 – “Winter Sports – EYOF 2019” has a very educative content about winter sport disciplines within European Youth Olympic Festival 2019, that will be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo in February, 2019. You can find the look of the calendar on our website: 


Respected Ms/Mr, if you decide to purchase a larger number of calendars at a price of BAM 6,00 (≈EUR  3,00), you can share them in one of the schools in Sarajevo or any school in B&H. In this way, you would participate in the educational process of children and youth in the field of good behavior. You can send an order form via fax +387 33 710 580 or by email: 


In the hope that you will be involved in the process of education of children and youth in B&H, we warmly thank you and at the same time we thank you for your work on behalf of the ambassadors of your country to strengthen the friendship of the people of the two countries, cultural cooperation in the interests of peace, democracy and European integration. 


With respect,