In period from November 13th – November 18th beneficiaries and volunteers of Association „Education builds B&H“ with executive director Jovan Divjak and project manager assistant Melina Dželović visited Berlin for participation in last session of project “Voices of Citizens of Europe – Summer Peace School 2014 – 2018“. Together with young people from France, Germany, Poland and Romania we were working on creative expressions of consequences from First World War regarding the hundred years from its ending.  

Members of Association and other participants met every year at least one time, to talk about WWI and similar conflicts and problems of today’s population. First gathering was held in Sarajevo (June 2014) on symbolic commemoration of hundred years of beginning of First World War. Next meetings were held in Lyon (France), Berlin (Germany), Lublin (Poland), Peronne (France), Viscri (Romania), Chambery (France), and final session in Berlin. 

Project manager assistant, Melina Dželović, made a speech on Commemoration of Youth Working Group (JAK) in Berlin. More about this event find on this link: 

As a project finale, participants went on choires concert , which included Sarajevo female ensemble „Corona“. Choirs performed the work written intentionally for this project. The “Memorial” of French composer Thierry Machuel is written in all languages ​​of Europe. 

In photo gallery you can find out more about our visit to Berlin.