Dear citizens, support the education of children!

On July, 28 1994 amidst the hardest period the citizens of the capital of BiH had experienced during its centuries-long history, 58 citizens of Sarajevo – intellectuals, theatre employees, artists and writers, soldiers, policemen and ordinary citizens established Foundation/Association Educations Builds BiH, whose missions was children victims of war – our constant concern, a crucial mission reflecting essential consequences of the war – destruction of educational institutions and collapse of the educational system.
In twenty three years of work, Associations is on daily service for children victims of war, disabled and talented children, children of the Roma national minority and underprivileged children. The Association, with its door always open, has fully fulfilled the major part of its mission – we have primarily provided moral and then material support to children and young people of B&H. Association is not receiving any material support of government budget, but assure scholarship funds through membership, organizing humanitarian concerts, selling exhibitions, printing and selling calendars (we are doing that for 23rd years now) and books.

Become members of the Association “Education builds B&H” and make children victims of war, disabled and gifted children happy

If you fill out this form and become a member of the Association, you will be among the hundreds of others who lovingly help these children.Thank you for deciding to become a member of the Association that has human targets – Help children and young people in need and help gifted children.

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