Born: 11.03.1937. in Belgrade.
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1980.-1981. National Defense School, Belgrade.

1969.-1971. Command and Staff Academy, Belgrade.

1964.-1965. Command and Staff School, Paris.

1963.-1964. Language School (French language).

1956.-1959. Military Academy for Land-Based Military, Belgrade.

1950.-1956. Upper Secondary School and Graduation, Zrenjanin.


2012. – … Member of the Central Committee of SUBNOAR B&H

2004. Member of the Board of Executives of the reference group NGO, Sarajevo.

1998. Member of the Independent Intellectuals – “Circle 99”, Sarajevo.

1997. Member of the Helsinki Committee B&H, Sarajevo.

1996.-1997. Member of the Management Board of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sarajevo.

1992.-1995. Chairman of the Shooting Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

1992.-1994. Member of the Board of Executives of Bosnian-Herzegovinian Basketball Association, Sarajevo


2012 “Expecting Truth and Justice – The Vienna diary”, publisher: Oslobođenje

2007. “Sarajevo, mon amour”, published in Italian language, publisher: Infinito edizioni-Direzione editoriale, Italy. Preface by Paolo Rumiz

2004. “Sarajevo, mon amour”, published in French language; publisher: Buchet-Chastel 2004. Preface by Bernard Henry Levy.

2000. “The Wars in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina” 1991-1995. Separately: Aggression on B-H. Publisher: Dani and Jesenski and Tura 1999


2013. „Sarajevo my love“, Al Jazeera World (documentary)

2012. „Venuto al mondo“ (movie)

2005. „Bosna“, Vivet Kanetti, (documentary), Turkey

1995. „Bosnia“ Bernard Henry Levy (documentary)


2007. Sarajevo: Conference “Civil Society for Strengthening Social Inclusiveness”.

2007. Sarajevo: Conference about active citizenry in the Balkans.

2007. Sarajevo: Round Table “Regional Cooperation for Development and European Integration”.

2005. Sarajevo: Educational Forum “Enhancing the Educational Standards in Schools”.

2005. Sarajevo: Conference: “Seventh Annual Educational Forum”. Organizers: OSCE, OHR, UNICEF.

2005. Sarajevo: Workshop “Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow – Partnership, Participation and Incorporation. Organizer: UMCOR BiH.

2004. Sarajevo: Conference “Bosnia and Herzegovina on its Way towards being a Functioning Society: Visions, Perspectives, Concepts”.

2004. Sarajevo: Workshop “Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow – Partnership, Participation and Incorporation. Organizer: UMCOR B-H.

2004. Sarajevo: Conference NGO B-H. Organizer: Center for Promotion of Civil Society.

2004. Sarajevo: Round Table “Children’s Rights and Strategy in B-H”. Organizer: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.

2002-2005 Sarajevo: 1st-7th International Conferences “Education for a Culture of Peace”. Organizer: “Sarajevo Forum”, Sarajevo.

2002. Sarajevo: Seminar “Active citizenship”. Project “Sarajevo, a Healthy City”, Sarajevo Town Council.

2001. Sarajevo: Workshop “NGO Development of a Stabilizing Program and Leadership. Organizer: USAID DEM/NET.

2001. Sarajevo: Round Table “The Characteristics of War in B-H”.

2000. Sarajevo: Symposium about educational design and programs in B-H. Organizer: UNESCO, OHR, UN Sarajevo.

2000. Sarajevo: Training “The Self-Preservation of NGO’s”. Organizer: USAID DEM/NET”

2000. Dubrovnik: Workshop “The Uniqueness of a Successful NGO”. Organizer USAID DEM/NET.

1997. Sarajevo: Conference “Strategic Planning of Educating School Teachers. Organizer: European Commission, OSCE.”

1994. Sarajevo: Founding Assembly of the Association “Education Builds Bosnia-Herzegovina”.


2017. Washington, DC: “Gala ceremony of the Advisory Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina”

2008. – 2017. Sarajevo: Participation in various conferences on education, past, presence and future of B&H (Columbia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Belgium)

2007. Peace camp, Barcelona, Spain.

2007. Toulouse, France: Third Annual Youth of the World Forum,

2007. Offenbach – Frankfurt am Main: A Week of Culture – B-H on its Way to Future.

2006. Rome, Italy: International Conference “Healing the War”??

2006. Turin, Italy: International Conference “Spirituality, Questions to God, Questions to Man”.

2006. The peace camp, Montevideo, Uruguay

2005. Geneva: International Conference: “Bosnia-Herzegovina Ten Years after Dayton and Still”. Organizer: Association “Dayton 2005”, Switzerland.

2004. Brussels: Seminar: “Humanitarians in War, Heroes or Victims?”. Organizer: MKCK.

2003. Albertville, France: Conference: “Reconciliation and Reconstruction”.

2000. Brussels, Belgium: International Seminar: “The Breakdown of Yugoslavia 1991.-1995.”

2000. Texas, Austin, USA. International Conference: “Democratic Changes in the Former Yugoslavia”.

1999. Budapest, Hungary: Conference: “The Wars in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina”. Gave a lecture on the subject of “The Characteristics of War in B-H”.

1999. Graz, Austria: Conference: “European Experiences and the Development of Democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina”. Presentation on the “National myths in B-H”.

1999. Barcelona, Spain: Conference: “European Cities for Human Rights”.

1998. Barcelona: European Conference: “Cities for Human Rights”. Organizer: The City of Barcelona.

1998. Nantes, France: “The Encounter between Art and History”,

1997. Graz: Symposium: “The Realization of Human Rights in B-H – Knowledge and Praxis” Organizer: Graz University.

1997. Barcelona, Spain: Conference: “Europe for Bosnia” (Europa per Bosnia). Gave a lecture on the subject of “The Aggression on Bosnia-Herzegovina” and “The Future of B-H”.

1997. London, England: International Seminar: “The Reconciliation in B-H”, Organizer: The Association for Central and Eastern Europe.

1997. Crikvenica, Croatia: Fourth Annual Summer School of Democracy.

1996. Copenhagen, Denmark, Conference: “The Future of B-H”. Organizer: Danish Institute for International Politics.

1996. London: Seminar: “The Reconciliation in Bosnia”. Foundation for Civil Society New York and British Association for Central and Eastern Europe.

1996. Vienna, Austria: Round Table: “Peace Dialogue”, Gave a lecture on the subject of: “The Chances of Dayton Peace and the Future of Bosnia”. Organizer: The Government of Austria.

1995. Bonn, Germany: Conference “International Congress for the Documentation of Genocida in B-H 1992-1995.” Organizer: Society for Vulnerable Peoples, Germany. Gave a lecture on the subject of “The Role of the JNA in the Aggression on B-H”.



1994. –…. Executive Director of the Association “Education builds B&H”

28.07.1994. The founder of the Association “Education builds B&H”

April 1992 – March 1997. Deputy / Assistant Commander Army of RB&H

1989. – 1991. Commander of the Territorial defence of Sarajevo County

1984. – 1989. Commander of the Territorial defence of Mostar County

1981. – 1984 Head of the Tactics Department, Marshal Tito Barracks, Sarajevo

1976. – 1981. Lecturer in the Tactics Department, Marshal Tito Barracks, Sarajevo

1971. – 1976. Chief of cadet class, Marshal Tito Barracks, Sarajevo

1966. – 1969. The commander of the cadets platoon, Marshal Tito Barracks, Sarajevo

1963. – 1966. Officers Battalion Guard, Belgrade

1959. – 1962. Platoon commander in the Guards Brigade, Belgrade


2017. The “Freedom”, Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Washington D.C., USA, for outstanding contribution to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and freedom of BiH.

2014 The “Builder of Peace 2013”, International Institute for Peace, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain2014. The Award “Peace Builder 2013”, International Institute for Peace, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

2010. Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2009. Plaquette of the Municipality of Old City Sarajevo, for contribution to the development and functioning of municipality

2009. Orden Lafayette, France

2008. Award Victor Gollancz, Berlin

2008. The Sarajevo Canton Plaquette

2007. Recipient of the “Personality of the Year” acknowledgement, the Kulin Bey Charter, by the B-H Association, Mannheim, Germany.

2007. Recipient of the Takunda acknowledgment, “Personality of the Year in the Balkans in the Field of Tolerance and Coexistence”, by the Association Cesvi-Bergamo, Italy

2006. Acknowledged by the Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de la Paix – Universal

2005. April 6th Award, by the City of Sarajevo

2003. Honorary Citizen of Montesilvano Plaquette, Italy.

2003. Honorary Citizen of Grenobl Medal, France.

2003. Honorary Citizen of Villerest Medal, France.

2003. Honorary Citizen of Saumur Medal, France.

2001. Honorary Citizen of Padoa Medal, Italy.

2001. Plaquette and monetary award by the city of Padoa, Italy.

2001. Legion of Honor, France.

2001. Award by the city of Vicenza, Italy.

1999. “Humanist of the Year” Award, by the International League of Humanists, Sarajevo.




2008. – 2017. Sarajevo: Participation in various conferences on education, past, presence and future of B&H

2008. Sarajevo: Conference “Peaceful Activism “.

2007. Sarajevo: Conference about future “Education in B-H 2007”.

2005. Sarajevo: Seminar “EUFOR Integration”.

2005. Sarajevo: International Conference: “Poverty in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ten Years after the Dayton Peace Accords”. Organizer: Caritas Bishop Conference B-H.

2005. Sarajevo: International Conference: “Dialogue and Partnership as a Lever for Development of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Organizers: Confrontations Europe, Association Sarajevo, FIPA Sarajevo.

2005. Sarajevo: International Scientific Conference: “The July 1995 Genocide Committed against the Bosniacs of the UN Safe Heaven of Srebrenica”. Organizer: Institute for Investigation of Crimes against Humanity and International Law.

2004. Sarajevo: Round Table “Children’s Rights – Praxis and Strategy in B-H”.

2004. Sarajevo: International Conference: “Bosnia and Herzegovina Towards a Functioning Society: Visions, Perspectives, Concepts”. Organizer OHR, OSCE.

2004. Sarajevo: Round Table: “The Status of Volunteer Work in B-H and the Existing Legal Obstacles for its Continued Promotion and Development. Organizer: Cente for Promotion of Civil Society, Sarajevo.

2004. Sarajevo: Regional Conference: “To Europe through Observation of Consciousness and Civil Service.

2003. Sarajevo: International Conference “Spanish Transition towards Democracy”. Organizer: the Embassy of Spain in B-H.

2002. Sarajevo: Foundation SOROS. International Conference “International Society’s Development of New Politics – Lessons (Not) Learned”.

2001. Sarajevo: International Conference: “Children, Victims of War and Peace”. Organizer: Center for Investigation of War Crimes, Sarajevo.”

1999. Sarajevo: Conference of Divided Cities (Beirut, Belfast, Berlin, Jerusalem, Nicosia, Sarajevo).

1998. Sarajevo: Victimology Symposium: “The Suffering in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Mitigation of its Consequences”. Organizer: “Victimology Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

1998. Sarajevo: Informational Seminar, NATO.

1998. Sarajevo: International Conference: “The Bosnian Paradigm”. Organizer: Forum Bosna, Sarajevo.