Association “Emmaus – Grenoble” is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1995 through scholarships for ten children without parental care from Donji Vakuf. Until then they had one contact person from Donji Vakuf through which they sent money from France for scholarships. However in 2003 “Emmaus – Grenoble” decided upon for a more concrete move and they came to Sarajevo to find the right partner for the projects planned to be realized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A delegation of five representatives of Emmaus came to Sarajevo with concrete proposals for future cooperation. They expressed their willingness to support several projects, including scholarships for children without parents from Central Bosnia (Donji Vakuf), vacations on Lake Boracko, purchase of food for vulnerable families, purchase of school supplies for orphans, reconstruction of houses in central Bosnia, assistance in purchasing vehicle, purchase of the furniture, computers, technical appliances, clothes and other household appliances from France. Of course, we accepted all the proposals so our cooperation began.

Every year in October we maintain joint meetings mainly in Sarajevo to discuss projects for the next year. From 2003 until the present, Association “Emmaus – Grenoble” invested around BAM 700.000 (≈ EUR 357.904) in the Association “Education builds B&H”, and this makes it a little more than half of the annual budget of the Association „Education builds B&H“ or Associations „Emmaus – Grenoble”. Our cooperation has continued into this year, so the projects which we plan to implement are the following:

  • Purchase of food for the family in social need – 250 package
  • Vacation for orphaned children on Boracko lake – 300 children
  • The delivery of furniture, clothes and other necessities
  • Scholarships for 17 children and young people without parental care in Central Bosnia