Association “Education builds BiH” under the auspices of USAID UMCOR Bosnia has launched a campaign “Philanthropy for the future”. It is known that in its 10-year history Association was engaged in providing moral and material support of orphans, the disabled and talented children in overcoming the consequences of war, and in their efforts to through quality education become productive members of society. The goal of project “Philanthropy for the future” which began on June 1st and will last until September 30th 2004 is that through fundraising campaigns and increasing the number of individual and collective membership; membership of the business sector and the government sector, and revenues from cultural events, collect funds for:

• additional 50 scholarships (retaining the existing number of 200 scholarship holders)
• the possibility of organizing holidays for at least 100 children victims of war, disabled and gifted children

All your questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to the contact e-mail:


• During the month of July 2004, nearly 5,000 individual membership application forms was distributed in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Gorazde
• 60 students stayed on vacation in Gorazde from 16 to 23 July 2004
• Within the fundraising campaign for the project, in Bosnian culture center Tuzla humanitarian concert was held a of folk music
• 2nd Press Conference is scheduled for August 10th, 2004 at 11:00 am in the building of Stari Grad (wedding hall)