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"Education Factory" opened


Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina – Jovan Divjak” opened “Education Factory”

The Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina – Jovan Divjak” today officially opened the “Education Factory”, HUB (inspiring work environment) for primary and secondary school students, members of vulnerable groups from the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, as well as scholarship holders of the Association.

The “Education Factory” will provide users with a safe space where they will be able, among other things, to master the material, write homework, but also acquire new knowledge through trainings and workshops that will be organized as part of the activities of the Association or partner organizations.

The space is located in the premises of the Association at the address Dobojska 4 and contains equipment that was procured through funds provided by the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, donations from HULK Apps and partner organizations, as well as funds from the Association.

In the previous period, workshops for young people from various fields were already held in the newly equipped space, with which the “Education Factory” began to serve its purpose.

The opening of the “Education Factory” strengthens partnership relations between civil society organizations and the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo by building awareness of the usefulness of mutual cooperation and encouraging sustainable dialogue, all with the aim of providing better services to the local community, especially its vulnerable groups.

The goal is that in 2023, the activities of the “Education Factory“ will be expanded to include the service of providing free instructional classes to young people from vulnerable groups, through volunteer engagement, among other things, by students – scholarship holders of the Association.

Association “Education builds BiH – Jovan Divjak”

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