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Stories of our donors: Lejla Omeragić

Together with our friends, scholarship holders and members of the Association, we have written great stories in 26 years of existence. We have already published some of them, such as the thanks of our students, and others, which are also invaluable, we are just bringing to you.

Our donors come from different parts of the world, have different professional profiles, understandings and attitudes but have the same goal; provide children and young people with better schooling conditions. Their goal is one of the goals of the Association “Education Builds BiH”, so they decided that we will be their partners in achieving this goal.

That we do it successfully is shown by our results, and our fellows often remain lifelong grateful to their donors. This is one such story.


We know very well who you are. For us, you are primarily a friend of the Association “Education Builds BiH”, a great woman and a friend of children and youth, but our readers do not know much about you. Who is Lejla Omeragic?

“Citizen, Bosnian, who believes that education is the primary, most important foundation for building a healthy society. Because, well and properly educated citizens, have the right and healthy attitude towards both children and the elderly and are aware of their duty to build a healthy and prosperous environment And then health and the economy will thrive and we will have more respect for the nature we belong to. “

In the sea of ​​people in need, you have chosen to help children who need material support in order to go to school regularly. Why?

“Because I believe that all people have the right to education, everyone should have the opportunity to go to school.

I am not saying: “everyone should be given a chance”, but: “everyone has a natural right to education”. It is our duty to respect that right and to unselfishly strive to exercise it. “

What is education for you, how important is it for an individual and is it a guarantee for a decent life for these children and young people?

“Every community, from the family, through the state, to the whole of humanity, is made up of individuals. If these individuals are well and truly educated, they should be healthy individuals who can build a healthy and prosperous community at every level. Only when we have a healthy society , we can achieve not only a decent life but also live with dignity, live virtues, discover and develop our human potential.

In doing so, I would like to point out that by good education I do not necessarily mean high schools.

An excellent and educated citizen is anyone who constantly strives to learn and improve in knowledge and skills and then passes it on for the benefit of the community.

Unfortunately, we often experience ignorance, and unacceptable and primitive behaviors of people who have high school diplomas. “

The association supports children and young people of various profiles. When did you receive the scholarship? You have been with the Association for years, and the children and young people you have financially supported during their schooling appreciate you very much and are very grateful to you. Are you still in contact with them? Can you tell us the path of your friendship?

“In the late 1990s, I gave a scholarship to a girl from Goražde, she studied law, third and fourth year. I am touched and invaluable to the gratitude she expressed after graduation.

The next scholarship connected me with Anida, a 6th grade elementary school student. We finished elementary school. After that, Anida moved away from Sarajevo, and our friendship continued and lasted.

Now that she has a family, she remembers with gratitude the great support given to her by the “Association” and regrets that she is not here now to help in his work. So she tries to help those who need it in other places. “

They say that ours is only what we give. How do you understand this saying?

“If we can’t give something we own – then it’s not ours, it’s ours. That means it owns us. And today we are increasingly slaves to material things (both slaves to our habits and slaves to the media).”

Inspirational stories are our strength and we believe that with this we will inspire someone else to become a donor, mentor and friend to a young person who needs it. Can you send a message to potential mentors?

“Let us keep in mind that every child has the right to education and everything else that is important and dear to children. Let’s not limit our contribution to society to support only our own children or relatives. Let’s not leave our mark on material that benefits” only me and mine “. Because we always have the opportunity to give, help, improve and it is not always money. It can be a lesson, a good example, advice. Sometimes the interest and attention we show will be more motivated and contributed than the money we give. “