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The other side of Roma stories: Dalila Ahmetović

As a master of traffic and communication, engineer, journalist, inspector, licensed lecturer in traffic safety, activist in the NGO sector and ultimately president of the Association of Young Roma “AKSIOM”, she has long been striving for the top on our scale of success and pride. Her name is Dalila Ahmetović.

About school and work

Dalila never wasted time. She invested every moment in herself and her education, and then in expertise in practice. She knew exactly what she wanted and how to achieve it. Today, she is an independent, employed, educated and hard-working girl who has succeeded and acquired all this on her own.

“After primary school, I attended the secondary technical school” Kemal Kapetanović “in Kakanj and acquired the title of road traffic technician. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in the first cycle of studies at the Faculty of Transport and Communications, University of Sarajevo, and in 2013 I earned a bachelor’s degree in traffic and communications engineer, and in 2015 earned a master’s degree in traffic and communications, graduate engineer in traffic and communications . I also acquired licenses for lecturers and examiners of theoretical classes from the knowledge of traffic safety regulations, which I still have today. Since 2017, I have been working as a civil servant in the Municipality of Kakanj, in the position of Expert Associate for Traffic Affairs, and since 2020 I have also been working as a Road Inspector by authorization. Also, in addition to my main job, I also deal with journalism, I am engaged as a journalist of the Roma portal “Udar”. In May 2020, I started activities on the establishment of a Roma non-governmental association – Association of Young Roma “AKSIOM” and I was appointed president. Since graduating from high school, I knew this was a profession I wanted to pursue in the future. Every day I am informally educating and improving myself, and in that way I am researching certain areas that I think can contribute to my personal development. I speak English actively. ”

She is very proud of her origin. She believes that nationality should not affect anyone’s future in any way. She did not experience being discriminated against during her life, neither at school nor at work.

“I proudly point out that I am a Roma woman, I value and respect my national identity, but I always advocate equality. My schooling was no different from the schooling of my peers. Overall, the period I spent in school was probably the best period I experienced. All my life I lived in Kakanj, in a settlement where people of different nationalities live, our customs, culture of living is not much different from other people, other nationalities, or over time it all merged into one, in some standard, modernized way of life. I was no different, on any grounds, from my friends and I did not experience being discriminated against. ”

Motivation and support from an early age comes from the family environment. Her family is a support and a wind in her back for every dream she has had and realized. Without her, she says, she would not have succeeded.

“Every day I am motivated by people who, with my help or the help of other educated people, have managed to achieve some of their goals or rights. My education, knowledge, desire and will for further progress make me strong, as well as the selfless support of my family and friends in every segment of my life. I am surrounded by people who make me happy. ”

Dalila’s advice

“I am of the opinion that young people in BiH lack courage, boldness and perseverance. My advice and message to young people is to follow their dreams and actively participate in all processes and thus use all the opportunities that are offered to them. “