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The other side of Roma stories: Gabriella Tahirović

Like everyone else, Gabriella Tahirović saw herself in one of the occupations we all dreamed of doing as children. Influenced by the series in which the heroes solve the most complicated crimes, she wanted to become a policewoman, an inspector, a detective. Due to a combination of circumstances, after finishing primary school, she enrolled in the Secondary School of Hospitality and Tourism and in the meantime changed her ambitions. Now she dreams of being a famous make-up artist and opening her own salon. Whatever ambitions or dreams they had, Gabriella knew she would only be able to achieve them through education.

Today, it is easy to learn the basics of makeup. In addition to the tutorial she watches on social media channels, Gabriella plans to crystallize her skills with additional educations. When she is ready, she will open her beauty corner.

“I want to provide myself and my loved ones with a happy and carefree life. I think I will be very good at my job so whatever I decide to do. I am persistent and I do not give up easily. “

She speaks clearly and loudly about discrimination in schools. She has never been a victim of peer violence, but she knows it is present.

“Psychological harassment is most prevalent in schools. Sometimes it looks and seems harmless but we know it is not. Making horrible words leaves great consequences and must be severely punished. During my schooling, I did not experience anything like that fortunately. My time, from first grade until today, has passed very quickly. It was nice, all in all, with small and big friendships and a lot of going out. ”

Gabriella is a happy girl. She is cheerful in character and tries to be always smiling. Her nationality is just another treasure she carries with her. She hasn’t done anything wrong to her and she hopes she won’t in the future. She says she was raised to be stable, honest and fearless, so she goes through life.

“I am not very committed to the culture of my nationality. According to tradition, I follow the holidays that my family celebrates. I respect everyone, regardless of status, nation, skin color or gender. I think people who approach others with respect are actually strong people. Also, the quality of strong people is honesty. A lie belongs to the weak. ”

Gabriella doesn’t like to give advice, not even when asked. Instead, to all who read this article, Gabriella wishes first and foremost health, to be surrounded by honest and good people and to be happy.