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The other side of Roma stories: Selver Viteškić

Have you already eaten cakes in the famous Sarajevo Vatra? If so, maybe it was yours, with a lot of love and patience, that Selver Viteškić, a scholarship holder of the Association “Education Builds BiH”, made and decorated.

About the school and the city where he lives

Selver is 17 years old. He attends the High School of Hospitality and Tourism in Sarajevo and is in the second grade. This school provides practical classes to its students, and as Selver attends a confectionery course, his practice is realized in the already mentioned confectionery. He says he spent his school days in a nice and working atmosphere.

“My schooling was very successful from the very beginning, because from my primary school days I tried to continue and enroll in a good school. Although I was a child, I knew that my success depended largely on school. One of my virtues is persistence and strong will that I showed in school in the full sense. This was noticed by the professors. I think that a person is strong in character, attitude, wit and resourcefulness, so I develop these qualities in myself. There are no negative sides, at least for now. “

Selver learned about discrimination in schools in primary school and is aware of the consequences it can have on an individual. That is why he always insists on equality regardless of differences in social status, religious affiliation or gender.

“Discrimination exists and it is unquestionable. It should be fought against. I think the most common elements of discrimination are not accepting another student into the group because he may not have clothes like them or is of another religion or nationality. I was lucky, I did not experience discrimination because I was surrounded peers who have the same beliefs as me: yet we are all the same and should help each other.My nationality is just one of my characteristics, but I don’t think it should be judged.We are all made of the same skin and it should not affect to my future. Today is the 21st century, we should not judge a person by religion or nation. “

Selver loves his city, but he is not sure if he will achieve his future in BiH.

“My family is here like my friends. They make me happy and that’s why I’m attached to Sarajevo. Still, I would like to live somewhere abroad no matter how much I love my country. I think my future will be safer in a more stable country. “

Although he has already learned the art of making a variety of treats, speaks English and German, Selver has another dream.

“I have loved football since I was a child, so my dream is to be a very good footballer. Maybe even world famous, but I know how much time, effort, work and coaching it takes and that success comes gradually. I would also like to learn Spanish, so maybe I’ll take a course when I raise money and have a little more time. “

Selver’s advice:

“I would say to those who have doubts that they are trying to adapt to others in the school environment. It will pay off every day after school. Everyone who has the will and goals in life should just start working and striving. They will succeed in life. we need to give up because school is a basic part of life so that we can find a job in the future, so that we can provide a roof over our heads for our family. “