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A word from our scholarship holders: Thank you for the scholarship

The mission of the Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” fully realizes its capacity when our scholarship holders become successful and happy people. A message arrived at our e-mail address this morning confirming that what we are doing makes sense and which is an incentive for us to continue in the same direction. We convey the message to you in its entirety.

Dear All,

I hope my e-mail catches you in a good mood ?! That your family members are healthy, alive and safe?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity and part, to be one of your scholarship holders, academic 2019/2020. years.

I think that this, and as it follows, abstract noun “thank you” could not be measured with the purpose of scholarships, which was of crucial importance to me. Your Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” and all humanitarian work says it all. Sometimes a man does not know how to express his feelings, in my case, gratitude for everything done by you.

With your help, it was easier for me to finish my 2nd year at the university institution “Synergy” (everything will be finished when I pass the oral exams within this period). One of my life dreams was to finish at least primary education. Today, today I am someone who has a difficult past behind him in growing up, will, desire and motivation for further progress, so I believe, and I hope, at the same time that one day I will be able to repay you for the immense assistance you have given me.

I thank the entire staff of the Association.

I send you sincere and warm greetings from Bijeljina.

Sacmir Seferović,

Student of English language and literature

Sacmir Seferović, stipendista Udruženja "Obrazovanje gradi Bosnu i Hercegovinu