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On July 28, 1994, 58 citizens of Sarajevo – intellectuals, theater, art and literary employees, soldiers and police officers and ordinary citizens formed the Foundation / Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina”, with the mission of children victims of war – our lasting concern, which is a crucial vision that discerned the essential consequences of the war – the destruction of educational institutions and the collapse of the education system.

After 27 years of work, in 2021, the initiator of the idea, one of the founders, and our long-term executive director Jovan Divjak left us. In memory of him, the Association changed its name to Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina – Jovan Divjak”.

In the twenty-nine years of its work, the Association has been at the daily service of children and youth victims of war, children and youth with disabilities, as well as talented children / youth, children / youth of the Roma national minority and those in social needs. The association – with open doors, fully realized the basic part of the mission – we were first moral, and then material support to children, youth and their parents / guardians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

60.551 children, young people, and their families used the services of the Association in the amount of 13.268.345,85 KM (EUR 6.783.997,52):
  • 8.164 annual scholarships, including scholarships for 2.077 pupils and students of the Roma national minority, in the amount of 7.425.825 KM (EUR 3.796.764,04)
  • 4.587 beneficiaries participated in educational projects in 18 European countries, Canada and Uruguay, and on Boračko Lake in BiH, and the total value of projects amounted to 1.212.238 KM (EUR 619.807,48);
  • 46.637 children and young people from the user groups received clothing, footwear, school supplies, laptops, sports equipment, gift packages, food and various educations worth 3.201.801,71 KM (EUR 1.637.055,22);
  • For 1.163 beneficiaries, mothers and young people, we organized psychosocial workshops worth 1.007.901,14 KM (EUR 515.331,67)
  • The Association supported twenty-two schools in BiH by donating various school and sports aids, IT equipment, books and renovated school buildings and sports halls with a total value of 420.580 KM (EUR 215.039,14);

Dear citizen, do these lines resonate with you?

There is still a large number of children and young people in need of moral and material assistance.

I think that you too can be part of the Association’s family, the family that gives hope to children that their future can be brighter. We base our activities on the message of the French philosopher Diderot: “Happiest are the people who give most happiness to others.”

Become a member of the Association “Obrazovanje gradi BiH – Jovan Divjak” and help us making the children war victims, children with special needs, and talented children happy.

If you fill out this application form and become a member of the Association, you will be among hundreds of others who help these children with love and dedication.

Thank you for deciding to become a member of the Association, which has humanitarian goals – helping children and young people in need, and helping gifted children.