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Calendar and postcard publications

Calendars have been printed for the first time in 1998, with pictures and drawings of one of the students. By selling these calendars, additional scholarship funds have been raised, so this practice was continued in the years to follow, until today.

Every year, many scholarships have been provided by selling the publications, decorated by children imagination, our traditional motifs, nature across the B&H, but also the fantastic works of Bosnian Herzegovinian eminent artists.

With the desire to help and express their philanthropic spirit, many embassies, companies, institutions, and individuals gladly responded to our sales campaigns and, recognizing the importance of scholarships, participated in the purchase of these publications.

Calendars, from 1998, until today

  • 1998 Calendar “Drawings of Damir Dragulj”
  • 1999 Calendar “Child’s soul”
  • 2000 Calendar “I want to go home”
  • 2001 Calendar 2001
  • 2002 Calendar “We are the future”
  • 2003 Calendar “We believe in B&H”
  • 2004 Calendar “We love Bosnia and Herzegovina”
  • 2005 Calendar “Education, youth and nature”
  • 2006 Calendar “Education, youth and sport”
  • 2007 Calendar “Education, youth and science”
  • 2008 Calendar “My, your, our B&H”
  • 2009 Calendar “Young people want to go to Europe”
  • 2010 Calendar “B&H herbs”
  • 2011 Calendar “B&H fauna”
  • 2012 Calendar “B&H writers”
  • 2013 Calendar “Bridges and rivers of B&H”
  • 2014 Calendar “20 years of service to children and youth”
  • 2015 Calendar “Nice behaviour– Etiquette”
  • 2016 Calendar “Old crafts in B&H”
  • 2017 Calendar “Folk costumes in B&H”
  • 2018 Calendar “Etiquette”
  • 2019 Calendar “Winter sports – EYOF 2019”
  • 2020 Calendar “Safet Zec, with children and youth”
  • 2021 Calendar “Safet Zec, with children and youth”