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Calendar for the year 2022

In 1998, for the first time, we printed calendars with drawings and pictures of one student. By selling these calendars, we have successfully raised additional funds for scholarships for children and young people, and we have continued this practice in the following years, until today. Every year, we have provided numerous scholarships by selling publications whose pages were adorned with children’s fantasies, motifs from our tradition, nature throughout BiH, but also fantastic works by eminent BiH. artists.

With the desire to help and express their philanthropic spirit, many embassies, companies, institutions, and individuals gladly responded to our sales campaigns and, recognizing the importance of scholarships, participated in the purchase of these publications.

The calendar for 2022 is signed by Safet Zec, a famous Bosnian-Herzegovinian painter and graphic artist who has always been with children and young people, and this time as well. Our new calendar for 2022 called Houses, Treetops and Yards is the work of a proven friend of our association, Mr. Safet Zec. By purchasing these beautiful calendars, you are helping the work of our association. You can browse the calendar below. For all details about purchases and/or reservations, you can contact us via our contact phone or e-mail.

Thank you for your support.