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Diputació de Girona & Association “Education builds BiH” - Laptops for 20 scholarship holders

The COVID-19 pandemic has conditioned students to work and learn from home, and consequently to monitor teaching through digital platforms. The Association “Education Builds BiH” has once again recognized the need for scholarship holders for electronic devices that will make it easier for them to follow classes.

Thanks to the support of the government of the Girona region of Catalonia (Spain), the Association has successfully donated 20 new laptops to scholarship holders. Scholars from the Sarajevo Canton, six of them, came to pick up the devices in person, while the other scholarship recipients received the packages by express mail. Scholars to whom the packages were delivered by mail reside in Visoko, Kakanj, Bijeljina, Ilijaš, Zavidovići, Srebrenica, Gračanica, Breza, Konjic, Stolac, Bilalovac and Zenica.

This year, electronic devices were donated to scholarship holders three times, in order to facilitate their education, and as many as 55 laptops to members of the Roma national minority. Also, organized by the Association, a humanitarian action “For their dreams” was held, which collected and distributed 11 devices to the most vulnerable categories. The official Windows packages are built into the laptop system, so the donated devices are ready for use upon receipt.

The handover of laptops in the premises of the Association was monitored by the team of the “Udar” portal. You can read the article here.