Our scholarship holders

From the very beginning, the Association has focused on supporting the education of children and youth throughout BiH. The main type of support was achieved through scholarships, which have been maintained for 27 years. We provide scholarships to members of 5 categories:

a) student from the families of war invalids, demobilized soldiers and civilian victims of war
b) pupil / student – a person with a disability
c) a talented student
d) a student in a state of social need and a student belonging to the Roma national minority

Every year, the Association announces a competition for scholarships, which then ranks the candidates, and based on the points, we compile the final list of scholarship holders.

See the list of our scholarship holders below

wdt_ID Godina Prezime Ime
1 1994 Crnčalo Emina
2 1994 Domuz Sanja
3 1994 Domuz Teo
4 1994 Komilija Samra
5 1994 Komilija Selma
6 1994 Korjenić Aida
7 1994 Krajišnik Nenad
8 1994 Pašić Samija
9 1994 Plećko Sanja
10 1994 Sijarić Sabina
Godina Prezime Ime
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