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The other side of Roma stories

From the very beginning of the work of the Association “Education Builds BiH”, every day is dedicated to children. If we are not currently lobbying for their scholarships, then we are certainly writing projects, asking for donations for school equipment, organizing trainings and doing our best to be a house where they feel wanted, invited. They give it back to us in the most beautiful way possible: success.

Many of our fellows today are adults. They work and have families. Some of them have experienced great success, so we watch them on small screens and are proud.

One of the categories we are especially proud of are members of the Roma national minority. Their struggle is harder because they fight it much more often than other children. They are faced with discrimination, the depth of which many studies tell us. So we decided to tell you their stories.

These are the other sides of Roma stories. Stories that are positive, that will inspire you and hopefully encourage you to condemn any form of discrimination. Through 25 stories we will show you beautiful customs, a lot of effort, work, commitment, clear minds, and while you read the first five interviews we will probably already be walking around Sarajevo with another group of young people, talk about their lives and visit the War Childhood Museum .

The project is supported by the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees.

The sponsors of the project are Violeta d.o.o. and RoyalFood d.o.o.