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The other side of Roma stories: Almedina Sejdić Gegaj

Almedina Sejdić Gegaj is a former scholarship holder of the Association “Education Builds BiH”. After finishing school, she enthusiastically stepped into private business, but a combination of circumstances took Almedina in another direction: she no longer lives in BiH.

She wanted to be a hairdresser and she did. Before starting a family, Almedina worked in her hair and beauty salon “Ela”. The business was going well, her clients trusted her and she was already starting to get permanent ones. However, she has set aside materially and is currently dedicated to her family.

“I was born in Potsdam, Germany. I graduated from the High School of Agriculture, Food, Veterinary and Service Activities in Sarajevo, majoring in hairdressing. I have always had a desire to be a hairdresser and beautician. I made my wish come true when I opened my salon. I knew that if I wanted to achieve it, I had to finish school, so my dream motivated me to work and study. I could not single out anything negative. “

She left Bosnia and Herzegovina by marriage. She is currently in Dubai where he lives with his family. She comes to her country to visit her loved ones but has no plans to return any time soon. Although her childhood was spent in play and remained in her fond memories, she wants to secure a future for her little ones abroad.

“Although I am a Roma woman, I have not experienced discrimination from others. I was accepted and it was a shame in my environment when someone would be harassed because of their nationality. I consider myself a happy and strong person. Persistence and resourcefulness are characteristics that make me strong. My love for my family made me wake up happy every morning.

Almedina’s advice

“Show that we are strong and good. Educate yourself, work, nurture your culture, and don’t be ashamed of who you are. On the contrary, be proud. ”