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The other side of Roma stories: Amra Ahmetović

Few humanitarian actions can pass by Amra Ahmetović, whether they are people or animals, without her sharing them on her social channels. Amra lives in Kakanj, studies at the Faculty of Criminology, Crimibiology and Security Studies, volunteers, writes and breaks down prejudices.

About the school and the city where she lives

Amra graduated from the Technical High School in Kakanj, and is a road traffic technician by profession, but her education did not end at the fourth level. She is currently a sophomore at the Department of Security Studies. Her school days are, for the most part, fond memories.

“My childhood and schooling was very nice thanks to my parents who always tried not to be different from other children. I always had a lot of friends at school who were not Roma. I was rarely discriminated against. I remember that when I was very young, that is, when I started primary school, a girl from the class called me a Gypsy for days. We were very young and I think that at that time she didn’t even know what a Gypsy was and that her parents were mostly responsible for that, so I don’t blame her. Thanks to the teacher and the principal, everything was resolved very quickly. So discrimination exists and I think we need to fight it. Primarily by education, getting to know someone else’s culture, learning to respect other customs and peoples. My education was quality. During primary and secondary school, I learned English, which I speak quite well, but I still wanted to learn German. Languages ​​are a treasure. ”

She has no plans to leave BiH. She loves his country and believes that in the future as an individual she will be able to make positive changes. She is motivated and has clear goals.

“I would like to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina and do the job I am currently studying for. I believe that if I continue to work on myself, schooling and education can affect young people of Roma ethnicity and be an example that education can contribute to a better position of Roma men and women in BiH. When we have a large number of educated and hard-working Roma men and women, we break down prejudices about Roma. Also, I hope that in the future the basic criterion for employment will be expertise for a particular job, not nationality, religion, party affiliation or some other criteria. What motivates me to work and study is the state of the society in which I find myself, that is, the society in which a small number of women are at the head of larger and more responsible functions. In most cases, they are men, rarely, almost never, women, especially not Roma women. Also, my motivation is that one day I will become an independent woman who will create her life the way she wants. Family plays a big role in my life. I shared every step in my life with my family, every happiness, sadness and fall. They were always my wind in my back and the motivation that pushed me further. Family members and my closest friends rejoice with me in every success. “

Amra’s advice

“My advice to young Roma people is that, despite obstacles, education alone is the key to success. Not to prove yourself to the environment, but to yourself and to build the best possible version of yourself. That work, effort and perseverance will always be recognized. To try to break down prejudices and the established opinion that the Roma are uneducated, poor and different in any negative context. Because we are not! “