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The other side of Roma stories: Amra Tahirović

In the most sensitive age in life, adolescence, ambitions and desires change with almost every new morning, but this is not the case with our scholarship holder Amra Tahirović. The white coat is her dream from the earliest age and she sees in it the most beautiful heroic qualities that a person can have. One of them is humanity, which Amra, of all human qualities, puts on the throne.

“I am going to the Medical High School in Zenica. I enrolled in medical school primarily because it is, of all, the most humane vocation. Through this work and direction, each person reaches a higher degree of humanity and humanity. From an early age, I imagined myself as a doctor and a hero for someone whose life I would save and give a new opportunity for new victories. “

She had a beautiful childhood, elementary school days full of laughter, games and enjoyment with friends. In her environment, people were good, noble and glad to accept other nations. However, new technologies can often be a tool for cruelty, so Amra warns of peer violence through the use of social networks.

“During my schooling, I experienced only positive things. I gathered a lot of knowledge and my environment was supportive. More precisely, I was lucky to attend the Elementary School “Miroslav Krleža” where I had teachers who offered me quality education, expansion of basic knowledge, general culture and a sense of belonging. It was here that I actually learned what it means to belong to a community, to advocate and give the best part of yourself for it. From my experience I can say that I have never experienced discrimination in any sphere of life. What I have noticed in cases from others are peer violence and internet mobbing, and I would like harsher penalties and greater media coverage of the same problem to be introduced into our law so that younger generations can live in a healthier environment. ”

She will stay in BiH after completing her education. She is attached to her country and her city, and the love for her vocation motivates her to one day stand in front of her name as a doctor. Her closest ones will help her in that, primarily with support.

“I am a child of this homeland. Every culture that belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina is my culture. I respect all the differences and I am proud to live in the diversity of cultures, nations and religions and all that is left of our ancestors. This is a land of coexistence, acceptance of the other and the different. I was born in a healthy family that gives me unconditional love and support. Here is everything I love. I would like to stay and work in my country, contribute with my presence and my knowledge as much as I can as an individual. I consider it my responsibility to the community. I am a great patriot and a great humanist at heart and I want to show by my example to younger generations, as our General Jovan Divjak showed through his life, what it means to be a great patriot and humanist. That is why I am proud to be part of the family of the Association “Education Builds BiH”. I am honored to be part of this cell that shows that not everything is so black and that there are still good people who recognize the potential and invest in it. ”

Every day is a new learning opportunity for Amra. She speaks English fluently, German superficially, and she wants to learn French as well. She says that she is happy and strong, and that she does not lack will.

“My ambition and desire for success make me strong. Not only for the vocation but also for the realization of other desires. I want to do research, look for cures for incurable diseases. I’m halfway to realizing my dream. I know the hard part is going now but  I’m ready. That dream motivates me every day! “

Amra was raised in a loving family and treats everyone that way: with respect, a smile and an outstretched hand.

“I learned from the example of my parents that nationality and religion have no influence on the future. Hard work, commitment, charity, self-esteem, respect for others form the basis of a good man. Man is what he carries within himself and as much as he strives so much and gets from life and from people, but mostly every man appreciates humanity and sacrifice. We must give love in order to receive it, we must show respect in order for it to be returned to us. We have to carry morals and ethics in us, and when you arm yourself with that, then you break down prejudices. “

Amra’s advice:

“I would suggest to young people to broaden their horizons, to get an education, to feel that they have social responsibility. To be good people in the first place and to give their all in their professions in order for our country to progress. Only through good examples can we motivate young people. Let us be ambassadors of our elections and our country. Let’s present ourselves and our country in the most beautiful light. “