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The other side of Roma stories: Anesa Limo

Genetics and bioengineering involve understanding the function and structure of living organisms. This complex matter and very demanding profession will soon get another expert: our scholarship holder Anesa Limo.

Anesa is 20 years old, lives in High and attends International Burch University. That matter, as she says, was created for her, because she is in her second year and can already be seen in her master’s degree at this higher education institution.

“I definitely hope this will be my profession. After my first degree, I plan to enroll in a master’s degree, most likely related to forensics or microbiology, but I still have time for that decision. There is a wide range of jobs that fit into my department, and I work every day to enrich my CV and gain experience in various professions. Therefore, I could not say specifically which job attracts me the most, but I know roughly what I want to do. “

She looks back at the period spent in the benches with a smile. She was not exposed to discrimination on any grounds, she enjoyed everything that her school days offered her and she found motivation in her own ambitions.

“It simply came to our notice then. The only negative thing I could single out is stress. There are many positive things and experiences. Of course, in addition to the acquired knowledge, what I can single out as a positive side is building ourselves as individuals and, of course, friends with whom we go through it all. I acquired a lot of them. I enjoyed learning the language the most. During my schooling I had the opportunity to learn Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Latin and Ancient Greek. I started learning Spanish, Turkish and French on my own, but I will need more time to master them. The fact is that work and learning are the foundation for a good future. My motivation, in general, is just that – a better future. To me and others, and a stable life. I want to build myself as a person and, I hope, help others with my work.”

“I have not had personal experience with discrimination and I am grateful for that because I know that psychological and cyber violence are the most common forms of abuse among young people. Unfortunately, there are also cases of physical violence, but, in my opinion, psychological violence is still the most common. “

She says that the cultures that surround her are our wealth. It is in this diversity that Anesa sees the beauty of our country.

“I had the opportunity to be surrounded by people of different cultures and religions, it was never a problem. Culture and religion are a private matter and everyone practices it in their own way. What is crucial is tolerance for these “differences”.

Fortunately, there is no recipe, except that it may need to be sought in the little things and loved ones.

“It’s all individual. Every person has a different perspective on the world, life and therefore has different needs, desires, the concept of happiness and sadness. In my opinion, the thing is in the little things. In the attention, the environment, the closest people, our heart. ”