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The other side of Roma stories: Dženana Demiri

The young woman from Zenica, Dženana Demiri, has a cheerful nature, a strong character and her ambitions shine strongly and constantly in front of her.

She is currently going to the second grade of the High School of Economics, majoring in an economic technician. After graduating from high school, she would like to enroll in college. She hopes for economics, so she would choose a job in her profession.

“Everything that encompasses the economic profession is exactly the sphere of my interest. I plan to finish college, and I would like to work in a company to keep books for them. I see myself in this business and I think I will go to work with a smile. My schooling was good. The attitude of my peers, as well as professors towards me, was correct. I wouldn’t be honest if I said otherwise, there were no problems. “

Although she was happy and accepted by her friends in school, Dženana emphasizes that discrimination exists and says that it is very often a kind of demonstration of strength over the weak.

“When a student is withdrawn, quietly, it often happens that he is a victim of peer violence. In school, this type of relationship can be discriminatory, whether the person is quiet because he or she is characteristically or simply insecure. Also, when a professor gives preference to his “favorites”, it is in a way discriminatory. I personally have not experienced any kind of discrimination. “

She speaks German and English, and would love to learn Turkish as well. She finds happiness in the circle of those closest to her and believes in her success. She has the most beautiful words about her people. She says they are cheerful people, full of respect. They nurture tradition and customs.

“What is characteristic of Roma is that they learn from an early age to have great respect for those older than themselves. We love the holidays and enjoy hanging out. We have some of our beautiful customs such as special farewells to the bride or great joy in marrying the groom. Our weddings are wonderful, then everyone plays and they are the happiest. “

Dženana has no plans to leave BiH. She believes that with enough effort and work she can provide herself with a happy and comfortable life here.

“I live in Zenica and I love Kamberović field the most. Nobody is sad in that place, everyone is smiling as if they have no problems at all. Children run, play, parents get to know each other. No one can stay cold-blooded, everyone has a smile on their face. I spend most of my time there with my friends. I would stay in BiH if I found a job here. I wish myself a nice life and I think I can have it here too. I want to prove to others that the Roma are a good, honest and hard-working people. “

Dženana’s advice

“I would just like to tell you not to pay so much attention to other people’s comments. You know who you are and what you are. Don’t let anyone trample and humiliate you.”