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The other side of Roma stories: Edna Sarajlić

From a little girl with big dreams and a stethoscope toy around her neck, to a beautiful twenty-one-year-old girl, Edna walked firmly toward her goal: to wear a white coat. This, the most humane call of all, would suit her best because Edna has understanding and compassion for anyone who addresses her.

“Since I was a child, I dreamed of a white coat and how my humanity becomes a work, and not just words. Come to think of it, a nurse is not an ordinary nurse, she is a nurse who provides care, compassion and comfort to patients without a prescription, and these are important links in this business. I am currently a second year student at the Faculty of Medicine – Department of Health Care in Zenica. I failed to enroll in medicine but the call of a nurse is also something I find myself in, which makes me happy and what I want to pursue in the future. “

Education is the basis for eradicating discrimination, says Edna. It is up to parents to teach their children the right and bad choices. She has not faced discrimination but says the reasons for it can be found in many things.

“The most common form of discrimination generally comes from different nationalities, then due to developmental difficulties, mental retardation, where peers” challenge “such people and a problem arises that goes too far. I sincerely hope that parents will pay attention to these things and raise their children not to make distinctions and that children of other nationalities, children with special needs and the like are no less valuable than others. I personally have not experienced any form of discrimination. I had no problems during my schooling. I tried and still try to be human first and foremost. From the first grade until today, I was accepted and there was no difference between the other students and me, which I am glad about. On the positive side, I would single out what I had and what I have a great relationship with the people around me, which is no difference, stigmatization and discrimination. I am a person who finds a point of the positive in everything and I cling to it, and even when something negative happens, it only strengthens me and shows me that I am still worth it. ”

One is not led to success by reasons of a material nature, but by others, more beautiful and valuable.

“Wherever I work and whatever my salary is, I will go to work with a smile and because I love it, not because I have to go to work. Happiness is made of small things. It depends on the person. Me e.g. makes happy a beautiful word, a smile, a sunny day, passed an exam, a good grade, a walk with friends, a message from a loved one, then my success as well as the success of my loved ones, camping, a good book. I am happy to see that the people around me are trying to achieve something, when they are persistent, brave because young people today are waiting for help from their parents. “

Her nationality had no influence on the formation of her personality or on her growing up. She grew up in a healthy environment, made real friends and has always had the support of her family.

“Honestly, due to the whole life situation, I don’t know much about the culture of my national minority. Due to a combination of circumstances, I grew up with a family that has a culture of my peers. I am of the opinion that it makes a person strong when he has successful friends, healthy closest ones, and it is okay for him to be misunderstood, he accepts vulnerability, he is focused on growth and progress. She is strong when she allows someone else to have the last word. Optimism, setting small goals that lead to one big goal, striving to achieve those goals, balancing emotions and logic, and facing fears also empower the individual. What motivates me to work and study is to be someone and something in life, not to depend on other people. “

Edna’s advice

“Don’t let the fact that the Roma national minorities sway you and move you away from the goals you have. Go towards realizing your dream and your fantasies, because the impossible becomes possible if you want enough. Don’t pay attention to the words that are addressed to you as an insult, look who says them to you. Don’t consider yourself less valuable and you will succeed, trust me. Here, I am an example. ”