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The other side of Roma stories: Larisa Crnović

The hairdressing profession has a tradition of thousands of years. Evidence from ancient times has also been discovered in art paintings showing individuals working on other people’s hair. You certainly didn’t know that, but our scholarship holder, Larisa Crnović, already knows everything about that craft.

About school

Larisa lives in Kakanj. She attends Mixed High School, majoring in hairdressing. She had seen herself in the business for some time. She says a good hairdresser is born but a master has to build her skill over the years. Still, training leaves a future, so she is currently enjoying her schooling and all that it has brought her.

“From the beginning until now, it was nice, I had nice schooling in which I made many friends. I visited some new places through excursions, Olympics, workshops and other activities. To this day, I can’t single out anything negative. I consider myself happy because I am healthy, I have a family whose happiness is very important to me and who is my support for everything in life. I have a few friends and I enjoy our socializing. I try to be modest, we don’t need much for happiness. “

Larisa grew up in a multicultural environment. She has not faced discrimination but is aware of the reasons why it occurs as well as the consequences it leaves.

“Discrimination is present in schools. Children know how to be cruel, not realizing that what they call a joke leaves consequences. These are generally discrimination based on gender, national, religious identity, sexual orientation, disability, political beliefs, skin color, wealth and the like. I personally had no problem with that. “

She studied German and English at school. She invests in herself because she has a strong will and motivation. She plans to finish her education in her hometown, but in the future, she will be seen outside BiH.

“I am motivated by the desire to acquire new knowledge, to experience new activities. I want to have a nice life tomorrow, do a nice job with normal effort and work. If I stick to cosmetics and my profession, I would like to do it somewhere outside this country. I don’t think crafts are valued enough here. I know that if I ever leave here, my heart will continue to live in BiH. Still, I want to see how it is outside our country. ”

Larisa’s advice

“Setting small goals and striving for their achievements, every day, makes a person stronger and proud of himself. Don’t give up on your goals. “