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The other side of Roma stories: Samir Sejdić

At first glance, when you see Samir, you will say – he looks like all boys; a young man with a clear eye, polite and polite, but Samir Sejdić is much more than that. At just 16 years old, he has clearly set goals, a path to achieving them and great ambitions.

About the school and the city where he lives

The High School of Metal Professions in Sarajevo has an exceptional student, who looks at everything from his own, special angle. Samir is not an excellent student, and believes that grade is not a measure of knowledge. Still, Samir is noble and valuable. In this school, he says, he learned a lot, mostly about friendship. He worked with teachers on practical projects on the project of making garbage cans for the Municipality of Centar, and he has his hands full in the house with repairing various items. Still, he always finds time to hang out with friends.

– “My schooling is the same as that of my peers. I didn’t notice it differing in any way. We are all the same at school. Some learn a little better, some a little worse, but in essence, we are friends and we are all equal.“

Samir lived in Germany and speaks that language. Although he also had English classes through compulsory education, he would like to improve it further.

– “I speak German very well, and I would like to learn English. I think knowing the language is a great asset. Maybe I’ll finish an English course in the future. “

Samir loves listening to music, he grew up in Dobrinja and is connected to that part of the city. To him, he says, it is the most beautiful. Yet he sees his future elsewhere.

“I think that European countries offer much more than Bosnia and Herzegovina. I love BiH, I visited almost all of it. We have beautiful nature, lakes, mountains, but we do not have much opportunity for success here. I have lived in Germany and I know how much can actually be achieved there. I see my future in another country. “

What sets him apart from his peers is Samira’s desire for progress and success.

– “I have clear goals. The motivation for my work is the success I want to achieve. I passed the driving test last year and I really love driving. I am happiest just when I sit in the car and go on a trip, a trip, the sea. I love cars and in the future, I see myself as the founder of a company that will deal with logistics and transport. Of course, step by step, but I believe in myself and I know that I will make my dream come true. ”

When asked how he plans to achieve this goal, he had a clear and concise answer.

– “I would like to work as a professional truck driver. When I finish high school, I will get a job in my profession to raise start-up capital. The second step is an incentive from the municipality where I live, in order to start a company, and if the incentive does not belong to me, I would take out a small loan. I am ready to work and for a start it would be a small company with only a few employees. They would transport everything they needed. I hope for success and employment of more people. “

Samir’s advice:

“My advice to young people is for everyone to enroll in primary and secondary school, to try to achieve what they want to go, always to go forward, not to give up school. As hard as it is sometimes, it will pay off. And believe in yourself.“