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This year, too, we were one of the humanitarian organizations that participated in the now traditional Diplomatic Winter Bazaar. Scholars and volunteers of the Association offered visitors calendars “Safet Zec with children and youth”, congratulations and books “Razija Mujanović”. By purchasing these publications, citizens have participated in raising funds for scholarships for young people throughout BiH, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

At this wonderful event, our scholars, beneficiaries and volunteers had the opportunity to visit the stands of embassies of many countries around the world, and even try some of their specialties or buy some souvenirs.

We would like to thank the Organizing Committee of the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, which every year breaks its own records in fundraising for organizations throughout BiH that bring together children and youth, but also for the trust and support they provide to our Association. Thanks also go to our hard-working scholarship holders, who showed great interest but also professionalism in performing their tasks at the bazaar.

Congratulations to the organizer and see you next year!

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