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Scholarships through Calendar for the year 2020

We invite you to participate in the scholarship for children of war victims, disabled, talented, socially endangered children and children of the Roma national minority in the 2019/2020 school year by purchasing the wall calendar for 2020 – “Safet Zec with children and youth”. years.

We believe that you know that the Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” since 1994 as a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization achieves a mission – children of war victims – our constant concern, and provides moral and material support to students through quality and complete education, become useful members of BH society. For the purpose of raising funds for scholarships for children and young people, the Association “Education Builds BiH” has been printing a wall calendar for twenty-two years, the sale of which provides 50-60 annual scholarships.

For 2020, we are printing a wall calendar with the motto “Safet Zec with children and youth”. The calendar includes six reproductions with a two-month calendar, a biography of Safet Zec, a world-renowned artist and an essay on the Association (in Bosnian and English) and a list of people and companies that have supported many activities of the Association in previous years. The price of one calendar is 6.00 KM with VAT.

Dear philanthropists, we invite you to:

  • buy a certain number of calendars for 2020, for the needs of your institution / institution / company
  • you are lobbying your partner to buy the appropriate number of calendars and thus participate in scholarships for children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you decide to buy more than 100 calendars, we will print information about your institution (logo, address, phone) on the calendar’s sub-list. Then the individual price is 6.30 KM (including VAT).

We thank you for participating in scholarships for children and young people in previous years by buying calendars and in other ways, and thus contributed to them gaining knowledge and skills through regular schooling to participate in building BiH and the path to European integration.

You can see the calendar in the attachment below.

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