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The other side of Roma stories: Adelina Sejdić

Adeline Sejdić’s love for languages ​​appeared in elementary school and she nurtured it, knowing even then that languages ​​would shape her future. Throughout her childhood, she walked with a book in her hand, bravely and fearlessly.

“When it came time to enroll in high school, I didn’t have any doubts. The success I had from primary school allowed me the choice I wanted, so the decision fell on the Gymnasium. This is where the love of languages ​​decided. I didn’t have any problems during school. On the contrary, I have a nice experience. The pedagogue at my school is aware of the problems that children face, so she openly told me that she is available to me and that I do not hesitate to ask for help or advice. “

In addition to fluent English, Adelina has developed a great love for the language and culture of South Korea. She started learning the basics on her own and today she can already understand the simple dialogue.

“I enjoy learning new things and by nature, I am very curious. When I am interested in something, I am able to keep the right focus until I learn and research in detail everything I wanted to know. I speak English very well, and I plan to improve my Korean. Their culture fascinates me.”

Her family makes her happy and enjoys spending time with those closest to her. She especially loves St. George’s Day, which she celebrates every year.

“It is a holiday that we celebrate for two days and during which we all gather. St. George’s Day is a holiday that is unique and especially dear to me. My family is my greatest motivation for achieving all the set goals in life. They are my treasure.”

Adelina’s advice

“I want to tell you to work hard and prove that we are all equal. We are all people of flesh and blood, if a person is good at heart and educated, all prejudices are superfluous.”