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The other side of Roma stories: Renato Viteškić

You have read about Viteškić Selver, his successes, goals and dreams. With the same last name and the same address, another inspiring story arrives. Renato is a former scholarship holder of the Association “Education Builds BiH”. After they finish school, great challenges lie ahead for our children. Renato tackled these challenges willingly and ambitiously. Renato and Selver are brothers.

About work, school and the city in which he lives

Although he showed success during his schooling, on the basis of which he received a scholarship, Renato now works part-time. He has not yet been offered a permanent job.

“I graduated from Metal High School, and I’m not currently doing the job I was trained for. However, the fact that I don’t formally didn’t demoralize me, I always earn my dinar in some way. I always manage part-time. I hope for some more serious employment in the near future My schooling passed without any special negative experiences I consider it a beautiful period in my life I did not experience any form of discrimination during school days because I think we are all the same and if a person treats everyone naturally and friendly he will be accepted no matter what I am like that and I was accepted in society. My nationality has not had an impact on important segments in my life and I don’t think it will in the future. “

Renato is adventurous. In order to fulfill his ambitions, he will be happy to learn a new job, and here is what kind of job he dreams of:

“My dream job is a cruise ship or a job that includes travel. I also love languages, I speak English, German is also not foreign to me although I could improve it, and I would love to learn French and Russian. I think languages ​​are a great asset. I fail to find a permanent job in the profession soon, it is very possible that I will go out to sea and enjoy a few months on the boards of a ship. I will work hard, whatever it is because my future motivates me I would like to live somewhere where the weather is warm. The sun always makes me smile. I think Equatorial countries would be perfect for me. “

Aware that not everyone is the same and that what he did not take to heart during his life, some people would take very hard, Renato says that in life it is important to work on yourself to make a person strong and happy. One person is made strong by the life he has gone through, he emphasizes.

“Attitude and character are innate to us, so they are certainly a part of us and make us who we are, but life with all the ups and downs and obstacles makes us strong and gives us strength. Family has always been important to me, and I consider friends a family. we choose. I’m very attached to them. They make me happy. “

Renato’s advice:

“Realistically, most Roma families live in extreme poverty and are forced to work, and from such circumstances these children grow up too fast, mature and think they need to experience everything. I would advise them to be careful and not to have 15-year-old children. When there is some motivation to succeed. “