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A letter of condolences to the Tintore family

Dear family of Juan Maria Tintore, members of the Association of Education Builds B&H join in the pain for the great man, humanist, athlete, lover of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was among the first to recognize the fascist separatist intentions of military formations from Belgrade and Zagreb to Sarajevo and BiH and put himself at the forefront of international resistance to that intention as a citizen of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain. On several occasions, we had the opportunity to be in his company, to realize the importance of his support for young people in white sports and sports in general and support for the reconstruction of devastated sports facilities in Sarajevo. This engagement began immediately after the 1997 war. The city, the citizens, especially the young athletes are very grateful, and the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Sarajevo is a modest recognition for the contribution of Mr. Juan Maria Tintore. Mr. Juan Maria Tintore quickly recognized that the development of sports among young people, especially white sports, leads to the development of moral, human, psychophysical values ​​that will develop a positive attitude towards the homeland and its inclusion in European integration. Every arrival of Mr. Tintore among the youth was perceived as a meeting with the Catalan Sarajevans. Thank him. We share with you the sadness for the man who leaves a deep furrow in life, and one is the one he did in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We in the Association have learned a lot from the human great that we will use in future work. Receive expressions of our sincere condolences and assurances that his name will not be forgotten.

Sincerely, Jovan Divjak