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Jovan Divjak

The first president of the Association. Retired Brigadier General of ARBiH is one of the founders and initiators of the idea of creating a Foundation that in an organized and professional way takes care of education and training of child victims of war and extremely talented children through scholarships in primary, secondary and higher education – today’s Association.

He has contributed to numerous international conferences and seminars, advocated for respect for children’s and human rights, as well as for quality and complete education. He is the holder of a large number of awards for socially useful and humanitarian work and the most important are: April 6 Award of the City of Sarajevo, Legion of Honor of the French Republic, Lafayette Order, Plaque of the International Committee of the League of Humanists, Premio Takunda (Italy), Peace Builder 2013 )… French and Italian publishers printed his book “Sarajevo, my love” which talks about his life and war events in BiH and is the author of books “Expecting truth and justice” and “Don’t shoot“.

After a long and serious illness, Jovan passed away on April 8, 2021.