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Scholarships for students

Since its beginnings, the focus of the Association was on supporting the education of children and young people, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main form of the support has been achieved through scholarships, which is ongoing for 29 years already. The scholarships are provided for the following categories:

a) Students from the families of war invalids, demobilized soldiers, and civil victims of the war

b) Students with disabilities

c) Talented students

d) Students from the families in bad financial situation or

e) Students from Roma national minority.

The Association organizes the application process for the scholarships, each year. After reviewing the applications, students are ranked, and based on the points they get, the final list of the scholarship recipients is announced.

So far, we have awarded a total number of 8.164 yearly scholarships.

The Association provides funding for scholarships through the following sources:

  • Affiliation fees
  • Organization of humanitarian concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Printing and selling annual calendars, postcards, and books
  • Through various educational projects, donations from companies and private donations

Below is the list of the scholarship recipients, by academic years: