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Almin Škrijelj


As one of the first generation scholarship holders, he reckognized valuables and opportunities which are given by the Association and so by it he went through all the phases, from scholarship holder, to volunteer, to the position of project manager. Because of his selfless commitment on the projects and all of the other activities, in 2005. he was named as the most useful member of the Association, also more than once he was praised for his engagement in order to realize program goals and assignments of the Association. As an active Association member between the years 2003-2015. he led the project of choir exchanges between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and France. He was a president of the French Association „Emmaus-Grenoble“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2002. to 2017. through which, in cooperation with the Association, hundreds of children were awarded scholarships, support was also provided in the organization of summer vacations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, procurement of food for socially endangered families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, purchase of books and school supplies for orphans, repair and construction of houses for returnees, etc. On several occasions he also participated in raising funds for scholarships for other children without parental care. He has been an active participant in the non-governmental sector for almost 15 years, especially in the association „Lawyer“ with which he has been organizing the „International Summer School Sarajevo“ for lawyers from all over the world since 2006. Today, he holds the position of President of the Organization of Families of Martyrs and Killed Soldiers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Maja Nikolić

Vice President

Graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo - department of Social Work, where she is currently studying for the master's degree in the same department. She is a former Scholarship holder and volunteer of the Association since 2018, who joined the staff in 2022. On the projects of the Association, she gained numerous experiences and acquaintances with young people, and therefore showed the ability to communicate with different groups and individuals, she also expressed abilities regarding leadership and creative ideas and also how to present them in an innovative way to youth. She is self-initiative and persistent in desire to implement and promote the Association's mission, as well as expand her own and the potential of other Scholarship holders.

Members of the Assembly


Executive staff

Edin Bećarević

Executive Director

One of the founders of the Association and the mission itself. From the vey beginning of the work of the Association, Edin has been the implementer and initiator of activities. For more than two and a half decades, he coordinated and supervised the implementation of projects, provides funding for scholarships, implemented humanitarian activities (donation of school equipment, school supplies, food and basic necessities...), he also mediated summer and winter trips for over 4000 children and by doing so he realized the philanthropic mission of the Association. Edin dedicated his life to the needs of the Association, it's users, members, donors and friends.

Working staff

Mersiha Turudija

Project Manager

Graduated journalist. Since 2003. she has been involved in the Association's projects, while in 2009. she became part of the team's permanent lineup. She coordinated and implemented numerous psychosocial support projects, educational-interactive projects, and through those project frameworks she provided numerous funds for scholarships and donations. Over the years, she has given her contribution through the publishing activities of the Association, daily coordination of the users and performing several operational functions in the Association itself. As one of the first employees in the Association, during those years Mersiha has analysed the needs and characteristics of users and accordingly developed the skills of identifying new potential opportunities to fulfill the philantropic mission of the Association.

Sanjin Hamidičević

Deputy Executive Director - Project Manager

Bachelor of Political Science and graduate master's degree student at the Faculty of Political Science. He attended his primary and secondary education in four countries: the Kingdom of Sweeden , Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Swiss Confederation and the Kingdom of Belgium. During his studies he spent one semester as an exchange student at the University of Antwerp, he was also a demonstrator on the subject of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an associate student at the Institute for Social Research at the Faculty of Political Science. He has been active in the non-governmental sector since 2009, and has been working professionaly in the same sector since 2014 in research positions and various project managment positions. He is also a participant in several national and international conferences, sumer schools, workshops... Actively speaks English, French and German, and passively Swedish and Dutch.

AĆIM Malović

Project Assistant

A graduate student at the Faculty of Science (PMF) at the Department of Chemistry, a scholarship holder and volunteer of the Association since 2019, and he joined the staff in 2023. Over the years, he has built many skills and qualities that will be useful to the association. Committed to achieving the goals of the association and can be relied on even in demanding situations. Ambitious and willing to take on any task - no matter how difficult it is. He works hard on every project and show enthusiasm in everything he does.

Melina Dželović

External Collaborator

Master of Psychology and Educator of Gestalt Psychotherapy. Gained her first professional experience in the non-governmental sector as an Assistant Project Manager. She joined the working staff in 2017. Focus of her engagement as a member of the Association's working staff is on projects of psychosocial support for it's beneficiaries (victims of war, disabled children and youth, socially vulnerable, people of Roma national minority) as well as cooperation on the international projects. As a former volunteer of the Association, she is well aware of the needs of young people and focuses on accomplishing the goals and missions of the Association in the process of facilitating social integration, inclusion and access to education for users of the Association itself.

Ena Bećarević

External Collaborator

Bachelor of Management, with a focus on marketing management. Currently a master's student, majoring in Marketing & digital communications in Rome. A long-time volunteer, she currently works on managing the website and social networks of the Association. Working with non-profit organizations allowed her to meet professionals from different areas of business and gain experience. Ena shows initiative and creativity in different areas and the desire to promote the mission and work of the Association in the best way. She uses English actively, and French and Italian passively.


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