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Gifted laptops for 10 scholarship holders/ students of Roma nationalities

The Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” gifted laptops to 10 students of the Roma national minority in order to make it easier for them to follow and participate in online classes and further education. The laptops were donated from the project “With Education in the Future”, which is supported by the Open Society Fund of BiH, led by the director Ms. Dobrila Govedarica.

Due to the new situation with the COVID-19 virus, the Association hosted one scholarship holder who was donated a laptop, while the others were sent laptops to their home addresses. Students who will be presented with laptops come from several cities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina; Kakanj, Tuzla, Celic, Donji Vakuf, Visoko, Gradiska, Bijeljina and Sarajevo, and scholarships are provided from the Open Society Fund of BiH, which, through grants, supports the Roma national minority.

Students who were delighted with the new laptops are: Amra Ahmetović, Enisa Beganović, Vahid Beganović, Adelisa Čaluković, Ajla Jusić, Anesa Limo, Elvis Mujkić, Medina Spahić, Sacmir Seferović and Selma Zahirović.

The program of support for the education of the Roma national minority by the Open Society Fund of BiH began in 2005 through the Association “Education Builds BiH”. Concluding with the school / academic year 2019/2020. year, we provided scholarships to 827 pupils and students of the Roma national minority, in the amount of 1,737,000 KM.

Proud of the quality of integration and cultural inclusion of Roma scholarship holders in projects, the Association constantly and directly participates in reducing prejudices and stereotypes about the largest national minority in our country.