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SAFET ZEC with children and youth

On October 24, 2019, a press conference of the Association “Education Builds Bosnia” was held at the Safet Zec Studio in Sarajevo, where a calendar consisting of six reproductions of works by the great Bosnian artist Safet Zec entitled “Safet Zec with children and youth” was presented for 2020.

It is an exceptional honor and pleasure for us to provide scholarships for children and youth throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina through the sale of calendars for the 22nd year in a row and to support them in educating and building their personalities. with six reproductions of the artist’s works, but also with a special love and desire to help and persevere in our mission from the beginning of our existence – to be moral and then material support to children, youth and their parents / guardians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our great friend, artist Safet Zec, and graphic designer Hana Zec, daughter of the artist, for their selfless support in implementing our messages of love, respect for children and providing opportunities for better education and schooling in Bosnia and Herzegovina. . We also thank the media representatives for their response.

You can order calendars to help provide scholarships to children and young victims of war, disabled and talented children / youth, children / youth of the Roma national minority and children / youth in social needs, by calling the Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina”, 033 710 580, 033 710 581, as well as via email address

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